Table Tennis at Windermere Community Fitness Park

Welcome to Vancouver's first dedicated outdoor table tennis court

Racquet sports like table tennis, pickleball, tennis, squash and badminton are good for the brain, and they challenge an array of fitness components like coordination, lower body strength, balance, endurance and control.

What do we mean when we refer to the new table tennis court at Windermere Community Fitness Park as Vancouver’s first dedicated table tennis court? A dedicated court is a space created specifically for a sport or activity, like the tennis courts on the school grounds here at Windermere. First and foremost, a dedicated sport court provides ample space for players to safely engage in their respective sport. The Windermere Community Fitness Park (WCFP) Table Tennis Court meets that standard. It is located away from the street and sidewalks and is bordered on three sides by grass. Under these conditions, the ball will not travel far from the playing area.

The WCFP Table Tennis Court is a 70 feet by 14 feet rectangular space bordered along its length by the fitness park one one side and a small treed slope on the other. The grassy slope is creates a natural separation from nearby pedestrian traffic and is perfect for sitting and watching the table tennis action during the months of fine weather. At the top of the grassy incline are a pair of benches and beyond them a sidewalk. Further to the south, the school buildings protect the court area from strong breezes.

Formerly consisting of weeds, gravel and clumps of grass, this strip of ground has, with the generous help of the BC government, morphed beautifully into Vancouver’s best outdoor table tennis court. See for yourself, drop by with your racquets and balls for a few hits!

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