donor profile series

Introducing SY Farm Market

Long-time residents of the Renfrew Heights community, Yuyi and Sonny Deng, the owners of SY Farm Market at 2438 E Hastings Street near Nanaimo live with their 10 year old daughter Layla three blocks from the proposed Windermere Fitness Park. Yuyi recalls being excited about the idea of a fitness park so close by after receiving a flyer delivered by students. The Deng family’s immediate decision to contribute $500 was, in her words, “a no-brainer”. Like so many other residents of this community, the Deng family is hesitant about returning to local indoor fitness centres and the thought of being able to workout outdoors, just up the street, is a breath of fresh air for the family’s long-term fitness plans.

Sonny Deng in front of SY Farm Market at 2438 E Hastings Street. "We challenge other small businesses to donate to the Windermere Fitness Park"

The Dengs are also happy to learn about the QR code system that will allow anyone using the Windermere Fitness Park to scan a QR code installed on each exercise station and learn about all the exercises that one can perform on that station. Absolute beginners will feel confident learning how to exercise at their own pace, and everyone using the fitness park can eventually be their own personal trainer through the online exercise information system. How cool is that?

The Deng family's immediate decision to contribute $500 was, in their words, "a no-brainer".

As owners of a popular market selling groceries, fresh produce, and prepared foods, the Dengs believe that eating well and exercising regularly are cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. “Supporting the Windermere Fitness Park project was our family’s way of investing directly in our community”, says Yuyi. “We donate this one time and we get years of benefits through access to the fitness park”.

The Deng family asked us, on their behalf, to challenge other families living close to the Windermere Fitness park to donate as a family to the project. “You’ll be able to exercise with your kids and learn together as you go!”

The Dengs did it. Will you donate, too?