Brad White is head of the physical and health education department at Windermere Community School. Having worked at Windermere Community School for 26 years, he has become very fond of this part of Vancouver. Before he retires in one more year, he would love to create a community facility that all residents may use for years to come.

The Windermere Fitness Park Article

Below is a link to the Renfrew Collingwood Community News article by project leader Brad White on the Windermere Fitness Park. Probably one of the most sincere community newspapers ever, the Renfrew Collingwood Community News is a treat for the eyes and a joy to read for those who want to delve into the heart of the community. It’s no surprise they are covering this story, which is a news-worthy item on the scale of community. Imagine, a local fitness park where citizens of all ages and abilities can exercise outdoors for free and be guided on how to use the equipment by QR codes at each station!

Since the article first appeared, there has been both good news and bad news regarding donations and grants. The project lost a very large grant which is indeed a set-back but the team of teachers, parents and volunteers behind the Windermere Fitness park is undeterred and hope to make up the shortfall by asking for  donations form the community. Are you a fitness enthusiast? Would you like a fitness park in your community? Please, give generously to this wonderful initiative.