My Active Community

As a long-time resident and Windermere Fitness Park project supporter, allow me to introduce the neighbourhood surrounding Windermere Secondary, the community poised to receive – with your support – a brand new fitness park for folks like me and you to explore, embrace, and get fit by using. I’ve lived in the Renfrew Heights community for nearly 20 years at the corner of 24th and Lillooet Street, across from the tall trees and grassy fields of the park-like northwest corner of the school grounds. From my front porch on any given evening in spring, summer and fall, I witness the active beating heart of my community. From around 5pm until after dark, a parade of individuals, groups, couples and families – walking, running, biking, scooting, pushing prams, using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes – moves past the house, following the sidewalk, clockwise or counterclockwise, with the goal of circumnavigating the perimeter of the school grounds one or more times. To  leave one’s home after dinner or before, specifically to breathe-in the fresh cool air, to enjoy the changing evening light, is something special shared by many people, young and old, in my active community.

And now my active community is on the verge of receiving a one-of-a-kind fitness park, accessible and free for all to use, on the grounds of Windermere once funding is secured. Physical Education Director, Brad White has applied his 25 years of experience as a phys-ed teacher into designing a this unique fitness park, a series of 15 exercise stations, each station accommodating two people at the same time, each station offering multiple exercises in addition to one’s imagination for thinking of more. I cannot imagine a better gift for my active community. Walking can now include exercising even more muscles, even more coordination, even more challenge for balance, strength, endurance, capacity. All of these fitness parameters are enhanced through using a fitness park.

As a resident of my active community, about to receive this gift of safe and free outdoor year-round fitness, I’ve stepped up with a donation and I’m volunteering my time to help the excellent team of parents and teachers who are actively converting the fitness park from an idea into a real space for all to use. In my mind, it’s a no-brainer to donate to something that is going to help me keep fit and healthy. Also, I’m about to save thousands of dollars in gym memberships over the next decade! I officially challenge all households in my Renfrew Heights community to give generously to this project. It’s a small price to pay once for a lifetime of access to safe and fun outdoor fitness.

I officially challenge all households in my Renfrew Heights community to give generously to this project.