How to use…

The SAQ Ladder Station (#16)

The last, but not least, important station in the WCFP is the SAQ Ladder, or Speed, Agility, Quickness ladder. It’s just a few molecules thick, consisting of no more than coloured paint on rubber, but the space it defines, the ladder framework, provides numerous possibilities for drills to improve your speed, agility and quickness. Be creative. Make it more like dance and use music to inspire your legs to move.

How-to Animations:

The how-to animations below provide snippets of exercises demonstrating proper form, posture and positioning. 

SAQ Drills


SAQ Ladder Drills are an excellent adjunct to every fitness park routine adding gains in speed, agility and quickness. Click on any SAQ Ladder Drill on the left to view  a larger version of the animation.

The SAQ Ladder can also be used as a fitness testing device using the ladder rungs to measure the distance you travelled for standing jumps, lateral leaps, and anything you can think of.

The SAQ Ladder can also a “position marker” when used in conjunction with with stretchy bands and the adjacent Multi Pole station (#1).

Muscles used:

Shoulders – anterior deltoids, medial deltoids, posterior deltoids
Back – latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids, spinal stabilizers
Arms – biceps, forearm group
Anterior mid section – abdominals, external obliques
Posterior mid section – erector spinae
Lower body – gluteals, quadriceps, adductors


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