Windermere Community Fitness Park Project

Donor Wall of Gratitude

The Windermere Community Fitness Park Project team of teachers, parents, and community members is deeply grateful to all of the individuals and corporations who have donated money, time, and resources to help make Windermere Community Fitness Park a reality. Among our community of supporters are a number of significant donations from families and individuals that the WCFP team would like to recognize on this page. Thank you to every one who stepped up so the so others can jump up, climb up, pull up, push up and play table tennis at Windermere Community Fitness Park.



Thank you very much

Frank Burke


Thank you very much

Freshslice Pizza


Thank you very much

Canoe Financial

Thank you very much

Pacific Blue Cross


Thank you very much

Inderjit Parmar

Thank you very much

Odlum Brown

Thank you very much

United Way


Thank you very much


Thank you very much

Melissa Breker

Thank you very much


Thank you very much


Thank you very much

Mary K. Keating

Thank you very much

Mark Lysyshyn

Thank you very much

Andrew Touvinen

Thank you very much

Will V. & Soot Gee

A BIG thank you to all our donors

Shiu Leung
Susie Zhou
Ravinder Parihar
Quoc La
Yuki Tani
Michael Burris

Krista Kieswetter
Hongyu Gao  
Shao Li Tse
Cheai Sahlezghi
Various students
Marcia White

San Nguyen
Maria Torillo
Divina Velonza
Tracy Barber
Samantha Hermez 
Christina Anthony 

Irene Chan
Theresa Wong
Kim Nguyen
Carol MacPherson
Steven Yee
George Tomes

Yilin Zhu
Jermaine Kwok
Cherry Dearing
Ivana Pauletig
Sergio Moyer
Ariana Arguello

Natalie Moreno
Valeria Kao
Ariane Grill
Jenna Thomson
Eric Lam
Connie Liang

Anabel Alvarez
Pegi Love
Karishma Sharma
Jasmine Bari
Matthew Streit
Sara Caze

Derek To & Bonnie Siu-To
Flordeliza Vargas
Pete Pacholko
Tanya Bennett
Mark Brockman
Jason Rennie

Grant Hurrle 
Mimi Yong 
Laura Ryan 
Sophia Le 
Minjae Jeon 
Manda Yuet Mok

Priscilla Deer
Simone Fox 
Jonathan Yeung
Karen Borges
Kirsty Dick 
David Wodchis

Rashid Aziz 
Anna Kam 
Zdenka Gomes 
Gina Lum 
Hongyu Gao  
Julie Cheng

Sonny Nagra  
Marnie Perrin
Pegi Love 
Matt Collinge
Jennifer Araujo
Jennifer Eng  

We Invite You to Donate

Join the community members listed above and make your tax-deductible donation today to the Windermere Community Fitness Park Fund. Donations will go directly towards future improvements and equipment acquisition for the fitness park and table tennis court. Please know that 100% of your donation made through the VSB donations page goes towards the Windermere Community Fitness Park Fund. Invest in your community’s health and fitness with your one-time contribution or contribute yearly. Thank you very much for your support.