Replacement equipment arrives…

The Windermere Fitness Park Installation Resumes

June 22, 2022 – Construction resumed at the new the Windermere Fitness Park installation on Monday of this week. Work had ground to a halt late last month over an error in the equipment colour, but today restarted with the arrival of the replacement equipment finished in the correct orange colour. Crews were busy Tuesday excavating holes in the asphalt for the bases of each of the 15 stations. Kudos to Dave and crew at Habitat Systems for really prioritizing our project. If all goes according to plan and there are no rumoured supply-chain issues (concrete!), this phase of installation will be completed relatively quickly. After the equipment goes in, a team from Marathon will pour the coloured rubber compound to cover the old asphalt and the Windermere Fitness Park installation will be complete. An announcement of the opening date will be posted well in advance here on the official WFP website!

In this photo from June 22, the new equipment has arrived (orange) while the old equipment in blue waits to be returned.

While the work resumes, it’s time to reignite our fund raising efforts. As mentioned in an earlier update, so far the fund raising efforts of Brad White and the Windermere PAC have raised $100,000 through the generosity of private donors, local businesses, and from provincial and federal funding. But according to Brad, the WFP project is short of funds to cover the extra costs of signage, seating and landscaping, and for the creation of online resources so anyone can learn how to master the fitness park through watching videos on a smart phone.

Please donate to support our ongoing efforts to build a healthier community. When you donate through the VSB link that appears on every page of the website, know that 100% of your donation will go to the Windermere Fitness Park. Donations will receive a tax receipt. Invest today in the long-term health of your community!