Marathon Surfaces makes speedy progress…

When the Rubber Hits The Asphalt

July 6, 2022 – The Windermere Fitness Park moved one big step towards completion on Tuesday when the team from Marathon Surfaces arrived to lay down the protective rubber surface. By late afternoon, the team had completed the thick first layer, working systematically in sections, laying down the semi-liquid rubber compound with long trowels, distributing and smoothing the thick black mud much like concrete with lengths of 2×4 held along the ground and pulled over the surface, a worker at each end. I was actually surprised to smell minimal off-gassing from the aggregate of finely minced rubber tires. Marathon said odours may be more apparent on hot days but will dissipate over time. On Wednesday, Marathon will return to apply a second, thinner layer of rubber dyed to resemble the dark blue of the schools official colours. Once this final coating is completed, the rubber surface will require a few days to cure and solidify further.

According to their website, Marathon Surfaces specializes in supplying and installing of rubber surfaces for running tracks, playgrounds and multi-purpose courts. The company is committed to providing environmentally responsible rubber surfacing using recycled rubber from local suppliers. Marathon uses quality materials paired with proven installation techniques, resulting in surfaces protect users and look great.

Marathon Surfaces works on the Windermere Fitness Park Tuesday July 5
Marathon Surfaces completes final layer of blue rubber at the Windermere Fitness Park on Wednesday July 6

Fund Raising Efforts Re-Ignited!

As the fitness park comes together, it’s time to restart our fund raising efforts. As mentioned in an earlier update, so far the fund raising efforts of Brad White and the Windermere PAC have raised $100,000 through the generosity of private donors, local businesses, and from provincial and federal funding. But according to Brad, the WFP project is short of funds to cover the extra costs of:

  • Signage
  • Seating
  • Landscaping
  • NEW! A Table Tennis court (a Vancouver first)
  • Developing online resources so anyone can learn how to master the fitness park through watching videos on a smart phone.

Please donate to support our ongoing efforts to build a healthier community. When you donate through the VSB link that appears on every page of the website, know that 100% of your donation will go to the Windermere Fitness Park. Donations will receive a tax receipt. Invest today in the long-term health of your community!