Equipment arrives but is wrong colour…

The Windermere Fitness Park Installation Grinds To A Halt

Updated May 30, 2022 – The Windermere Fitness Park installation that began a May 20 ground to a halt last Thursday over an error in the equipment colour. The equipment had arrived and was being assembled but it was not the “Windermere Orange” colour with blue highlights that Brad White and the PAC Team had ordered. Besides representing Windermere’s school colours, the orange equipment colour choice was specifically intended to enhance safety by creating a strong visual contrast against the blue rubber slated to cover the site. In an email to all concerned parties, Brad indicated his strong disappointment that the new fitness park will likely not be ready for this year’s students to enjoy before school lets out for the summer. Options are being considered that may get the park up and running sooner but in all likelihood, the equipment will be returned to the USA manufacturer. The area remains fenced off until work resumes later this summer or fall.

As seen in this photo, the equipment had arrived and was being assembled, but it was not the correct colour. Work has stopped while solutions are worked out.

On a positive note, the delay will create ample time to reignite fund raising efforts. As mentioned in an earlier update, so far the fund raising efforts of Brad White and the Windermere PAC have raised $100,000 through the generosity of private donors, local businesses, and from provincial and federal funding. But according to Brad, the WFP project is short of funds to cover the extra costs of signage, seating and landscaping, and for the creation of online resources so anyone can learn how to master the fitness park through watching videos on a smart phone.

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