Top 8 Training Hints: Active Posture

This deep dive into “active posture” shows you how to recognize, establish, and maintain an anti-gravity stance while you’re exercising. Active posture supports your body under load, helps you sense what your body is doing, and encourages you to use good form while performing any exercise. In a few easy steps, you’ll be an active posture expert. Find out how easy it is to practise active posture in all your daily activities. After all, daily life is full of movement. Movement loves active posture.

Top 8 Training Hints: Warm Up

Why is a warm up before exercise important? What changes within the body occur when we warm up before exercising? Will a warm up protect you from injuries? These are all important questions about an essential component of fitness that many people don’t pay a lot of attention to. Let’s take a deep dive into why a warm up should be the first thing anyone does when working out.

Vancouver’s First Dedicated Table Tennis Court

Windermere Community Fitness Park will be the home of Vancouver’s first dedicated outdoor table tennis court as phase two of the park is approved. Table tennis is the world’s second largest participation sport, second only to soccer. And like soccer, personal equipment cost is not a barrier to participation. A pair of sneakers, an entry level racquet, a few balls and you’re all set to develop mad skills, balance, reaction time, endurance, power and coordination.

Donor Wall of Gratitude

The Windermere Community Fitness Park Project team of teachers, parents, volunteers and community members is deeply grateful to all of the individuals and corporations who have donated money, time, and resources to help make phase one of Windermere Community Fitness Park a reality. With phase two in the fundraising stage, we invite you to pledge your 100% tax-free donation!