– Updated June 27, 2022 –

Introducing the Windermere Fitness Park

Benefitting both the high school and local community, the Windermere Fitness Park (WFP) is an outdoor exercise facility designed by Brad White, Physical & Health Education Department Head at Windermere Secondary School, as an outdoor option for PE classes. The fitness park includes 15 stations that can accommodate 2 users per station. Most stations can be used for several different exercises, limited only by one’s imagination. Complete a full circuit or part of a circuit or your own selected favourites and you’ve completed a full-body, functional workout, safely, outdoors in the fresh air.

Outside of school hours the Windermere Fitness Park is here for the community to use. For all those couples, individuals and families who enjoy walking the perimeter of the school, the Windermere Fitness Park offers an opportunity to explore a multitude of interesting and challenging exercises during, after, or instead of a walk.

The Windermere Fitness Park project came into being through an extraordinary multi-year fundraising effort led by Brad White and the Windermere PAC. So far, the minimum amount required for construction to begin ($100,000) has been raised through corporate and individual donations big and small, and through grants solicited from various levels of government. But this amount pays only for the equipment, installation, and the required rubberized surface. Additional funds needs to be raised for signage, seating, landscaping and for online resources designed to help guide you through a workout. If you are a resident of the Renfrew Heights community in a position to give, thank you in advance for your generous gift: a single, one-time donation that will benefit the entire community for years to come.

What will you be able do at the Windermere Fitness Park?

The Windermere Fitness Park will be a unique combination of exercise equipment and modern information technology. You will be able to scan QR codes on the equipment with your smart phone to get how-to-exercise information for any piece of equipment. This exercise information, including text, images and how-to videos, will be available here on the website for you to access anytime. How great is that?

Have a Workout

You'll be able to perform dozens of different fun and challenging exercises for a complete whole-body workout.

Scan to Learn

You'll be able to read and follow universal signs, and also scan QR codes to help you learn how to do exercises.

Relax and Enjoy

You'll be able to sit, relax, stretch and cool-down after your workout on benches in a landscaped area along the perimeter.

– Updated June 27, 2022 –

The posts below are snapshots from the storyline of the Windermere Fitness Park. Many seemingly little things have come together through the efforts of Brad White and the Windermere PAC to get us to where the project stands today. With essential funding in place, soon the empty asphalt lot at 27th Avenue and Lillooet Street will be a Vancouver’s first dedicated fitness park, a free public exercise facility outside in the fresh air, a place to meet your neighbours. Visit this page over next few weeks for updates on the progress of the WFP project. In the meantime, become a supporter by donating today to the project.

Construction Report – Progress!

Progress really picked up last Monday on the Windermere Fitness Park project and by the end of the week most of the structures had been assembled and positioned in place awaiting concrete to anchor the bases. Brad White, the project manager is hopeful that the rubber surface would be poured this week to complete the construction phase of the project.

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Construction Resumes

Construction of the new Windermere Fitness Park resumed on June 20. A crack crew from Habitat Systems arrived with the new Windermere-orange fitness equipment and resumed excavating holes in the asphalt for anchoring the bases of each of the 15 stations. Construction of the fitness park had stopped last month when the equipment arrived finished in a powder-coat of blue paint instead of orange. The resumption of construction is happening quicker than anyone had anticipated and the park will likely be open sometime in July or August.

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Construction Begins But Grinds To A Halt

A long-anticipated email from Brad White, Windermere PE Department Head, announcing the start of construction of the Windermere Fitness Park, arrived on May 19 to the delight of everyone involved with the fitness park project. The day after, security fencing went up, holes for foundations were dug, the equipment was off-loaded from flatbed trucks and laid out in pieces on the ground for assembly. That’s when someone noticed the equipment was not the orange colour ordered…

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The Project is a GO!

It’s official. The Windermere Fitness Park project is a GO! The years-long efforts of Brad White and the PAC has paid off. The equipment and rubber surface for the park have now been fully funded: Phase 1 by individuals, businesses, the VSB and the PAC, and Phase 2 by the government of Canada, through the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative. The facility is expected to open in late April.

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WFP gets Canada Healthy Communities Initiative Grant!

The Healthy Communities Initiative is a $31 million investment from the Government of Canada to transform public spaces in response to COVID-19. Brad White applied on behalf of the Windermere Fitness Park (WFP) project and within months found out that indeed, we qualified. Read the story here…

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Windermere PAC Donations Call-To-Action

The Windermere PAC wants you, students, families, and residents of Renfrew Heights… to get fit for life. That’s right, you can be prepare to be fit for life tomorrow by making the Windermere Fitness Park a reality with your generous donation today.

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PAC Donates $11,000

The Windermere Fitness Park team is overjoyed to announce the PAC executives of Windermere Secondary have made the decision to donate $6,000 more towards the fitness park!!! This is in addition to $5,000 already approved earlier this year. Remarkably, a total of $11,000 is being donated from the PAC 🙂

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Introducing Athletic Endeavours

Introducing Windermere Fitness Park featured donor Andrew Tuovinen of Athletic Endeavours Personal Training and Multi-sport Endurance Coaching who, until recently, made his home here in Renfrew Heights. “Even though I’ve moved a few kilometres away, I donated because I believe in this project and I think it will pave the way for more fitness parks.”

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SY Farm Market

Owners Sonny and Yuyi of SY Farm Market at 2438 E Hastings Street live near the school and donated $500 towards the Windermere Fitness Park describing their contribution as a “no-brainer”. “We value our community and try to give back when we can”, adds Sonny. Many thanks to the Deng family for their generous support!

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Donation FAQs

Home We are all working very hard to make this project a reality. I hope you will support our efforts to improve the mental and

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My Active Community

Home My Active Community As a long-time resident and Windermere Fitness Park project supporter, allow me to introduce the neighbourhood surrounding Windermere Secondary, the community

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How much money has been raised so far for the WFP project?

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… of the money required for equipment and rubber surface has been raised so far
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… of the money required for landscaping, seating, signage and learning resources has been raised so far

While nearly all of the money required for equipment, installation, set-up and for the rubber surface has been raised, there remains a critical shortfall of funding for extras like landscaping, seating, signage and for online resources. You can help reduce the shortfall with your donation. Invest in your community today!

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